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I'm me happy or sad it's who I am. If you need any help I'm here :)
My thoughts come alive
in the deadest of nights
when the little monsters
crawl out from under my bed
to only come and vacate
the empty spaces
inside of my head

I find beauty in
places that you crave to slash
from your golden skin.

Daily Haiku # 25 (via youshouldacceptchaos)

I doubt anyone would notice
if fresh scars were to appear
on my pale skin.

I doubt anyone would notice
if I were to curl into myself
and disappear;

if I were to run away into
the darkest places of my mind,
and never return.

I don’t anyone would notice,
so why not?

(100/365) by (DS)

i) It’s cold in California when it’s 70 degrees and I guess people in colder places can say,”That’s nothing compared to what I’m going through”. People can say the same things about life, but we are all just trying to make the most out of what we have. I’m not freezing, but I know when I’m cold.

ii) Apparently the things you talk about in therapy are not appropriate conversation topics for small talk, but well why not? Everyone gets to brag about what they’ve accomplished. How come I’m not allowed to put your fingers up to my pulse, and say, “You feel this? This is my biggest accomplishment.”

iii) Some people have grown so used to being abused that when no one is around to abuse them, they begin doing it to themselves.

iv) I know that “family” almost has the same amount of letters as “sadness” and “anxiety”.

v) Sometimes strangers feel closer to you than your own blood.

vi) Sometimes if I scratch my skin hard enough, it looks like a bruise a few days after, and some days I swear the sky is the same color as my skin.

11:58 a.m. (6 confessions on a cloudy Wedneday)

Happiness touches my lips with soft fingertips, slow and weary tickles, that don’t ever stay long. Sadness grips me by the throat, forcing me to come closer as it slides down into my chest, forcing it’s way through my veins. It demands to be felt, it demands to be noticed.

i.c. (via delicatepoetry)

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